Why I'm running

I’m running for WaterOne Board because we cannot take our water quality for granted.

In Kansas City, we either have extreme drought or extreme flooding, and this variability affects the balance of the water infrastructure.

Because of climate change, we need to be prepared to respond quickly to increased stress on the foundation that keeps our water supply clean.

It is important we continue to monitor and mitigate traditional water quality contaminants while we also watch for emerging risk factors.

On the WaterOne board, I will provide active leadership to ensure:

  1. Water quality is optimal, and prices are kept low through ongoing infrastructure renewal.
  2. Businesses in the area understand efficiencies that can be gained via high-tech meter data insights.
  3. WaterOne offers a robust communication plan to educate families about ways in which they can conserve water.

    “Climate Change is the ‘defining issue’ of our time.” – U.N. Secretary-General, Antonio Guterres

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